At Moyhu Primary School we use the School Stream App to communicate with parents, carers and families.

It is our mobile school app for instant alerts, news, notes, reminders, newsletters and more.

Teachers can also communicate directly with you about your child even if it is just sending a picture of your child’s work that day. It has a calendar of events and dates. We will often use it to send reminders of upcoming events, ie “don’t forget it is school photos tomorrow”.

We use this as our main form of communication to families. If you do not want to use this application for any reason, please contact the school so we can use an alternate method, for example email or hardcopy of information to ensure you are always updated about what is happening at school.

Please find below the link to how to download and set up School Stream on your phone or iPad. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance with setting this up.

School Stream for parents instructions