Established in 1874, Moyhu Primary School is located in a rural community in North East Victoria, 25 minutes South East of Wangaratta. The school is approximately 1.5 km from the centre of Moyhu – a small but busy town, which has a general store, hotel, café, garage and a variety of sporting facilities.

Moyhu Primary School provides a high standard of modern learning facilities and resources. Students and staff utilise a flexible learning space. Along with our learning facilities, we have a full-size indoor basketball stadium and an in-ground swimming pool, which we use for part of our swimming program. The original building of the school is where our administration, staffroom and art and music room are situated.

In conjunction with the outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum, Moyhu Primary School emphasizes are in the areas of literacy, numeracy, inquiry and social development. We incorporate online interactive learning within the curriculum with our one to one program using Ipads, which are provided by the school. Specialist classes offered are Italian, library, art and health/p.e. that includes the Bluearth program. The school also participates in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project. Moyhu Primary School participates in organised cluster days with the King Valley cluster of schools, which includes Greta Valley, Myrrhee, Whitfield and Edi Upper Primary schools to help broaden each student’s social and intellectual experiences. We also join our cluster schools for some of our camps each year.

At Moyhu Primary School annual camps, include the year 6 cluster sailing camp in Rye, year 3 and 4 camp at 15 Mile Creek and the 3-day cluster ski camp for our older students at Falls Creek. Moyhu Primary also have their own whole school day excursion to Falls creek where students have the opportunity to learn to ski. Most years, the school takes a trip to Melbourne for cultural experiences. Excursions and camps change slightly year to year to underpin and extend what students are learning in the classroom.

Moyhu Primary School staff participate in regular professional development across a range of areas, to constantly improve their teaching effectiveness, which is a key strategy in improving learning outcomes for all students. As well as personal development, staff participate within the Professional Learning Community (PLC) with the King Valley cluster of schools regularly. The network of staff, facilitates school improvement where groups of teachers work collaboratively at the school level to improve student outcomes.

Moyhu Primary School is the base school for the travelling MACC art van, which services many local schools with a fantastic art program. Moyhu Primary School has an After School Program (MOSH) which runs four days a week, Monday to Thursday.

Positive interactions and support from parents and the wider school community are an integral part in our school’s ability to develop and maintain strong home and school partnerships. The School Council actively represents the interest of all stakeholders with a strong vision for the future for the school community.